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New Zealand’s stunning Coromandel Coast – and how to make a delicious Spanish Omelette

Following on from my blog last week extoling the virtues of the Marlborough region I thought this week I would move north and give you a glimpse of what New Zealand’s North Island has to offer.

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Food, chick lit – and the tips you need to make the perfect quiche!

So here it is – my first blog. For a long time I’ve been meaning to start blogging. The delay had nothing to do with not knowing what to write about. I have so many interests it was difficult to know where to begin.

I decided to start with my two greatest passions – food and writing. Of course in today’s world they go together like, say, tomatoes and basil. Think celebrities and cookbooks, television and magazines. It’s a huge market. I always quite fancied being a food writer. But as it turned out it was another type of writing that stole my heart.

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