The Amalfi Coast on a plate . . .

You know how it is with holidays – a week back at home and work and your time away feels like nothing more than a distant memory.

Having said that, memories should not be underestimated. Life is so much about experiences and creating memories. My recent trip to Italy – Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast –  created so many wonderful memories I hardly know where to start. Perhaps that’s the reason I’ve been tardy getting back into posting. So much to tell!

In the meantime, I thought I would give my lovely followers a little teaser. Although everything I ate in Italy was a complete joy, the photos that follow were the dishes that were so incredible I simply had to get a photograph. And considering I am normally someone who is completely useless at photographing food when I’m out (I’m halfway through my meal before I remember I was supposed to take a photo) that’s saying something.

The featured image above was perhaps my favourite meal of the holiday and eaten at what became our favourite restaurant. More to follow.

My love affair with Italy and Italian cuisine continues . . .



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