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  1. Hi,
    I noticed your blog through My Trending Stories when I read your lamb flatbread recipe. Looks like a good recipe to try out. I have enjoyed looking at your blog and reading your travel posts. I am also a WordPress blogger who puts articles on My Trending Stories with a link to the WordPress blog. I wondered if your traffic had increased since being in there? Mine has but not necessarily from My Trending Stories but I get way more views on individual posts on there compared to WordPress – it just doesn’t translate over. What are your thoughts?



    • Hi Zoe, thanks for getting in touch. Your blog looks fantastic.
      I was interested to read your thoughts as I’ve found much the same. A good deal of traffic on my blog comes from my FaceBook followers as I have a dedicated page linked to my blog. Like you, I get more hits on My Trending Stories than I do on WordPress. What I like about My Trending Stories is that I can write articles I wouldn’t necessarily post to my blog. It’s good to have the two outlets.

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      • Cheers Tracey. I am the same Facebook has been great for traffic but it is also thanks to my friends liking and sharing through Facebook. I found Instagram good also but as a means of sharing photos and receiving followers to Instagram not the WordPress blog. It’s good to know that another similar blogger has found the same through MTS. I have thought MTS to be a way to promote this blog and not necessarily anything else so was interested if people had been able to have MTS increase traffic to their blog. So far I have found MTS a pain to upload many photos too so often copy and paste directly or give a link to this blog if people wish to see progress pics. I have even done a little spiel about the recipe with no method but instead a link to this blog. If you don’t mind me asking what differences in articles do you write on MTS?


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