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A welcome to winter – and the ultimate winter shoe collection

I’ve talked a lot in previous posts about my love for the seasons and the changes that take place during the calendar year as the days lengthen and then shorten.

My pick of the changes is, firstly, the food, and secondly (a very close second) the wardrobe switch. Last year as spring was rolling in I deviated briefly from my food and travel posts to write about my spring/summer shoe collection. It was such a popular post that I thought today I’d share with you my winter boot/shoe collection, along with some of the top pics from my wardrobe for the coming season.

I’m more excited about writing this post than I was last spring because my winter shoe collection is by far my favourite – for the simple reason that I have a huge weakness for boots.

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A welcome to spring – and the ultimate spring/summer shoe collection

When I first started this blog I named it Food, Travel, Books, Life. I felt the title encapsulated what I most enjoy in life. But I also chose it because I wanted the freedom to write about all sorts of things.

I so enjoy reading the beauty and lifestyle blogs that I follow. They’re great fun and I’ve picked up so many tips. I always feel very privileged to be surrounded by such talented bloggers – I love this little world I’ve become a part of.

There are two things that I get incredibly excited about when the seasons change. The first is food. I’m loving the spring produce that’s available now and can’t wait until the markets are overflowing with blushing summer fruits. Coming in at a close second is the wardrobe switch. Time to put away the jumpers and boots and clean up those toes. I have a particular weakness for shoes. In fact I’ve already had my first pedicure of the season in a desperate attempt to will the warm weather to descend.

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