Melbourne Calling!

I have always loved the Easter holiday. For me it has a wonderfully festive feel about it without the stress and craziness that comes with Christmas.

When I was a child we would often go camping for the long weekend. If Easter came in March the weather would often still be good. I have lovely memories of waking to the smell of my mother toasting hot cross buns. Dishing out the Easter eggs was my father’s job and he usually did this on Friday so we had them for the weekend.

This year Easter comes later in mid April. I’m more than happy with the late arrival as it coincides with my birthday. It’s been a while since my birthday fell over the Easter weekend. Seemed as good a reason as any to do something special.

How about a long weekend in Melbourne? Yes, please!

I’m only a little excited. Melbourne is a fantastic destination and completely rocks when it comes to both food and shopping. Sound terrible? I fully intend to shop and eat a lot.

So watch out for one or two upcoming posts showcasing this fabulous city. I’m most excited about the food and catching up with friends. In fact, for my birthday dinner our friends are taking us for Italian in Lygon Street.

How much I shall have to tell! It feels far too long since I wrote a travel post.

It’s been a rather crazy week and I’ve had no time to do a recipe. I thought instead I would share with you my favourite culinary treat of Easter . . . hot cross buns lightly toasted with butter. I mean, does it get much better than that? Sadly I cannot claim to have baked them myself but Handcrafted by Loaf do the most delicious hot cross buns. To my fellow New Zealanders – treat yourself and get some in for the weekend.

Happy Easter to you all!






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