Arrivederci! . . . but only for a short time

Hello to all my readers.

Thank you so much to all those who have been following me. I hope my blogs have provided a small slice of entertainment in your day. And I also hope that you’ll enjoy some of my delicious recipes.

I will be taking a break for a few weeks as I head off on a holiday abroad with my husband. Our first stop is London and then Europe. A few days on the Amalfi Coast followed by a 10-night Mediterranean cruise. Our ship first cruises around the south of Italy and we make a stop in Sicily, then move onto the Greek Islands. We also have a stop in Turkey, which I’m very excited about.

When I return I will be devoting my blogs to our travels – imagine what I shall have to tell! Not to mention the inspiration for new recipes. I am particularly excited about the food. The very first thing I shall do when I arrive in Italy is order a Caprese Salad – creamy mozzarella, juicy red tomatoes, the best olive oil and fresh basil. I can taste it already.

Thank you, thank you once again.



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