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As well as being a lover of food and travel I also have a passion for books. I love to write chick lit novels and my first two books are now available on Amazon.

If you’re after a good holiday read or a decent bout of escapism look no further!

If you’d like to read a preview click on the links below. The preview will link you to my books on Amazon if you’d like to keep reading!


If You Can’t Stand the Heat


Livvy Munro was a bright and carefree young woman before her parents’ unexpected and painful separation shattered her world. Desperate to escape the fallout, Livvy and her mother move to New Zealand in the hopes of a new start.

Five years later, Livvy returns to London to train to be a chef at a top French culinary school. She is thrown into a world of French chefs and reductions, knife skills and techniques. It is a far cry from the relaxed cooking she is used to in her own kitchen.

But as she settles back into life in London, Livvy finds that she has more to deal with than exacting French chefs. She left behind unfinished business when she escaped to New Zealand all those years ago. Will Hunt, her former boyfriend, has never forgiven her for walking out on their relationship and is not pleased to see her. Her father, who she is trying to rebuild a relationship with, is getting married again and to a woman far from stepmother material. Then there is roguish Alex Stevens, the very talented and charming student in her class who wants to do a lot more than cook with her.

As she traverses the challenges of her training, Livvy’s personal life follows a path just as tumultuous. Is she cut out to be a professional in the kitchen? And can she finally find happiness with the right man?


Can’t Hurry Love


Sadie Phillips is a bright but naïve eighteen-year-old when she first meets Rhys O’Connell. Devastatingly handsome and ten years her senior, Sadie is instantly smitten. But her first love affair is as brief as it is passionate and ends painfully when she learns the truth about Rhys’s life – a life that doesn’t include her. In the aftermath Sadie makes a series of rash decisions as she tries to move past the heartbreak.

Twelve years later, Sadie is now a woman and living with the consequences of those decisions. When her life reaches crisis point, Sadie moves to a small seaside village in Devon where she hopes to find some peace and a new start. But shortly after her arrival she is shocked to discover that Rhys is renting a cottage in the same village – searching for an escape from his own life.

Sadie’s world is once again thrown into turmoil as she deals with the unexpected reunion. Can she forgive Rhys for the devastation he brought to her life? And will she be able to capture his heart now they have found each other in a different time and place . . .



  1. annika says:

    I just finished reading “Can’t Hurry Love” and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s been years since I have seen a chick flick or read a chick lit novel… yes, a great escape from my otherwise, well boring life! Well done Tracey!

    Liked by 1 person

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